3 Secrets for Your Dream Custom Jewellery You Need to Know

3 Secrets for Your Dream Custom Jewellery You Need to Know

There are those who love to wear Jewellery, and then there are those who are in love with Jewellery. The latter type of people are different and standout. The pieces that are generally showcased at a Jewellery store and the designs that are worn by many, normally don’t appeal to them much. For them, Jewellery is not an ornament to adore for its appearance. Wearing Jewellery is an expression to them, a way to manifest their love, their taste, and their choices, perhaps more elegantly and artistically. For people like these, custom Jewellery has become the next big thing.

You are not surprised when your friends show off the replica piece of a new pair of earrings that probably some stunner has worn on the red carpet. Or maybe you don’t swoon over the ring which is expensive but not exclusive. But a simple charm bracelet with the charms of YOUR choice will be more significant and closer to your heart. Or maybe an heirloom piece that you have recreated in your own way. Keeping these demands in mind, we, at Khanna Jewellery, have come up with the idea of custom made Jewellery. You dream piece that you like and we will give shape to that dream of yours.

No, You don’t Need to be a Jewellery Designer

This is a common misconception that people have. Often we hear from our customers that they don’t think they can design something for them as they are not professional designers. But don’t worry. You don’t have to. You just need to provide us with the basic idea of the Jewellery that you want to own. Some similar images and if possible a sketch, which doesn’t need to be perfect or pristine. You are just sharing your creative dream with us. Thereafter, leave everything else to our experts. We will design, print, and get approval from you and then you can choose the metal, stone, and finish.

You Can Be Involved with the Making at Every Step

Your custom Jewellery is your vision. And only you can know how it should be like. When you are sharing your design with us, we will start working on it while keeping you in the loop during the whole process. You can check the design as we work on your sketch, you can suggest modifications, you can choose everything, from metal, stone, and finish, and finally the size.

You Can Affordably Recreate Your Heirloom Pieces

The heirloom pieces that have been handed down from generations can be recreated in this way too. Maybe the design of the antique piece doesn’t entirely reflect you but you can relate with the essence and elegance of it. Tell us how you want it to look like and we will recreate it for you and that too within a reasonable budget.

So, now that you know how your custom Jewellery can give you the dream piece you have always wanted, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today at +973 17535063 now or visit us today.

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